Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wordless Wednesday - almost!

A chance to show of some of my pretties
Recent birthday pressies
Fabric wrapped chair with patchwork cushion

The AGA when we first bought the house

Same view of kitchen when it was a work in progress and the AGA had gone to be renovated

with the AGA back in place and the kitchen enlarged, but without all of my pretty bits in place

I love the kitchen and the AGA and we spend most of our time in this room.
I am off out tomorrow for a late birthday treat of lunch at a 2 michelin star restaurant - report will follow!
Thanks for all of your comments on previous posts.
M xx


  1. Lovely things, belated happy birthday by the way.

  2. Cheeky Moo, you didnt tell anyone........ you had an AGA...... lol, happy belated birfday honey.

    I love your kitchen, wow how great is that, now that is exactly the house i want, giz it twinkle, share and share alike now..... pretty please.....

    Love and hugs Honey.

  3. Hello there. Thank-you for stopping by my blog! If you are planning to start a flickr account it would be lovely to have your Aga pictures in our flickr group (link in my sidebar!) t.x