Sunday, 8 February 2009

Trash to treasure

From this
To this
All it took was a bit of sanding and 3 coats of paint to cover the dark brown!
It is now on my bedroom wall and i can lay in bed and admire all my pretties. The big jug in the middle came from the charity shop for £3 last week along with the little flower posie
The other china was Auntie Veras so belongs to the house. The purfume bottle top right was a Christmas pressie from DH and the other 2 are from a dear friend who worked for Bristol Blue Glass - everything is still hand blown and amazing to see them in action - they use gold to make the glass go red :-)
The sweet little frame was a gift at a friends wedding, she had made them for all of the ladies, it is extra special as we made the trip to South Africa to be at her wedding

Such a lovely proverb




  1. Awww, Lovely Mitty.:-)
    Bargain China stuff, i wish i had the nack of buying stuff at bargain prices.:-)

    Well Done on the pretty shelf thingy, its Gorgeous.

  2. I love that proverb :)Xx
    Fab makeover :)

  3. Hello, came over from A thrifty your blog, lacey is such a treasure.....*smile*!

    Lovely Elephant pin adorable!xxx

  4. Hellooo

    I've just popped across because I see your name everywhere (on blogs I mean, not on the side of buses or anything!) and thought I would come and see for myself :) You've got a lovely blog and the elephant is gorgeous! That makeover looks so good, I've got fitted wardrobes I want to do soon and I think you've inspired me to hurry it up a bit!

    Mel xxx

  5. HELLO
    i love what you done with the cabinet
    i love painting bits and pieces up it is lovely to see the things all changed

  6. fab makeover and love the proverb :-) how sweet of lacey to send you lovely goodies :-) Lesley x

  7. Gorgeous Mitmot, you clever little thing :)

    Thank you so much for you lovely comments on my blog, Mean so much to me.

    I have your beautiful Patchwork Heart notebook near to me and always feel honored to share your wonderful memories. I wear the bracelet and my friends all comment on how lovely it is, the bobbles are waiting for a special occasion as they are so pretty :) I wear the corsage and your gorgeous glass paperweight is on display in my lounge. The beautiful bag has been on many a shopping expedition and the wallpaper covered notebook has become a little special diary. You truly have touched me and am so thankful to you for bringing me such joy.

    Much love



  8. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for new brooches :) I'm so sorry I missed the post office again (I always get out of uni too late to get there) but I have a day off tomorrow so it WILL be sent out tomorrow! First class! XX

  9. What a fab makeover!
    You have a lovely blog and I will be popping back.
    Beki xxx

    p.s love the elephant x

  10. Hello - found your blog from the kind words little Gem had written about you, will be visiting again, the things you make are just lovely - i love the hen over in your folksy shop!