Saturday, 28 February 2009

Red glass rules!

Since I have previously admitted my love of candlesticks in the bathroom I thought now would be a good time to confess my love of old red glass.
The mantelpiece in the living room is full of it.........

Can you believe that the lovely wooden fireplace was taken out of a friends neighbours house and they were going to burn it before we offered it a new home.
The dog loves to curl up in her CK bed and be as close to the fire as possible.

The downstairs toilet also gets it fair share of mostly red glass. the patterned pieces are Victorian pickle jars, and as we are not overlooked i choose not to have curtains, but have glass shelves with them on - it looks lovely when we actually get some sunshine through the window.

The yellow candlesticks came from the charity shop last week and cost £2 for the pair, a real bargain :-)
MM xx


  1. Why aren't pickle jars that beautiful now??? It all looks beautiful, I bet when the light goes through that glass it looks amazing!

    Mel xxx

  2. They all look stunning Mitmot, and the fireplace was a very lucky find, so glad you saved him from the fire


  3. I love the glass shelves in the window. I have a picture in my scrap book - torn from a housey magazine about 15 years ago - of the same thing. I've moved several times since then but not quite managed to fit it in to house. Looks fab! Xx

  4. They look stunning on the mantlepiece - what pretty displays, and they'll catch the light so beautifully. x

  5. Wow, Mitty you are a posh bird aint ya.... they look lavish and lovely, they look really good in the lav too. well done honey you have a lovely home.

    Love and huggles Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  6. it looks beautiful MM, I have some pieces of Cranberry glass which were my mothers and they look lovely when the sun shines through them.....your pieces are gorgeous xx

  7. Gorgeous! I can't believe the surround was going to be burned!