Monday, 23 November 2009

Getting crafty again

Hello Lovely blog followers, I hope you have stuck with me whilst I have been busy working?

I finally managed to get back into my workroom over the weekend, its still a work in progress with floorboards still to be screwed down and a new storage unit to be built, but I thought you would like to have a look through the new window

I have had a few projects that I wanted to get underway and fancied one that used lots of fabric scraps (am I the only person who NEVER throws scraps away no matter how tiny!?) it was great to get delve into fabric that i had to pack away months ago
i used a real mix, a little bit of Cath, some spotty that came from Australia, some of my vintage Laura Ashley, and lots of vintage bits

Stitched them all together and created some fabric stars for the Christmas tree

I also raided the button tin and made a few wire hearts.

The inspiration for the stars came from here

I got a bit carried away with the pictures!

Another plan that I had come up with some time ago finally got started. I can not resit collecting old fabric and when I visited CTC a while ago i picked up this small table cloth.
It was passed its best with a few holes and a couple of stains that I could not get out, but I felt the lovely printed flowers deserved a second chance.

So I raided the ric rac box, got the scissors out and after a wizz on the machine I came up with these lavender and wheat drawer fresheners
Some are backed with French vintage ticking and the others with some upcycled gingham

They are extra special as they are filled with lavender I grew in the garden and wheat my brother grew on the farm. I love to give old fabric a new life - I like to think I "add value by design" - or I may just be a really good horder!

As for the building work, it is still not finished - we are 3 weeks over the original completion date and will be lucky if it gets finished before Christmas - Henry belongs to the builders but he is like one of the family now as he lives in the hall and I talk to him every day :-)
Mitty xx