Sunday, 6 September 2009

Introducing Roger and other Australian delights!

Well I am back in the UK now and suffering with the dreaded jet lag - hence a blog post at 3am!

I managed to take a few hours off from my work schedule and got to do some exploring in Oz. I had a hire car for a day so went in search of Kangaroos. After a bit of investigation the helpful lady at the local tourist info place suggested a trip out to Pebbly Beach. So I packed my picnic and set off.

After a great drive along the coast and down a very long dirt path I found myself this fantastic beach. Can you believe I was the only person on it!

After my picnic I went for a wander in search of the Roos, looks like they were on a family outing to the beach as well.

Now at this point I came across a man who reliably informed me that this kangaroo was called Roger. He was obviously used to tourists and came really close to me - I even got to stroke him (the Kangaroo not the Ozzie guy!) I had a chat with Roger and he was very interested in relocating to the UK and we made plans for him to meet me at the airport, and I had a nice new home arranged for him, but alas I think he got cold feet as he stood me up!

This is Mrs Roger and I think she was the reason he decided against the UK - can you see the babies feet sticking out of her pouch?
Another relative, again with a full pouch

It was amazing to get so close to them, but I would hate to upset them as they can do lots of damage, with those powerful feet and huge tail.

I also got some time out in Sydney so here are the Bridge and Opera house - the 2 most famous sites, taken from the ferry to Manley.

Off to try and get some more sleep now!

MM xx