Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sofa dilemma and patchwrok crazy

We have 3 sofas from Ikea and some time ago I bought some new flowery covers, well last weekend they actually got onto the sofas and I adore them. They make the room feel light and fresh but they also gave me a dilemma...............

Our darling dog likes to sit next to us in the evening and she has not learnt to wipe her feet properly so I need to ensure we do not get muddy paw prints on the fab covers. I tried a red blanket.......
I also tried my crochet blanket folded nicely, but neither looked right...........

What I really needed was a patchwork throw that would tone in with the covers. As my sewing machine is packed away it would have to be hand sewn.....
Thank goodness I could still get to most of my fabric stash!

So here is the start of it - I used to love patchwork like this when I was a teenager and it has brought back happy memories of my sewing time with my grandmother.

I have made 300 patches, most of them different...

A mix of old and new, with some CK thrown in for good measure (thanks to a lovely shop assistant in London CK who let me have enough samples to make 35 patches!)

Can you find the Laura Ashley fabric from the 80's - this is left over from my original patchwork adventures!

I have also included fabric I bought in Australia and some special pieces sent by lovely friends on the SSC

Now talking of special friends I had emailed a friend from the SSC who runs a textile recycling centre to ask her if she had any scraps of vintage material she would sell to me. Heather left me gobsmacked when this arrived in the post today.

It needs finishing, but how fantastic is this.........

I have been lusting after some vintage patchworks on Ebay and now I have my very own.
I adore this roses patch

and this is so Cath Kidston dont you think?

The person who has made this had a wonderful eye for detail with her colour combinations, but this patch really made me smile - can you spot the odd one out?
How cure are these little fishes.......

The white patches really make the colours sing.

Do you think this was a lovely party dress in a former life?
And perhaps a special child had a outfit in this lovely print.......

The workmanship is stunning and the stitching is almost invisible.

So will this be another quilt for the dog - not on your Nelly this will take pride of place in my new master bedroom once the building is finished :-)
Can you tell I am in love with it!
Thank you Heather I will treasure it forever

Made by me!

Sorry I have been AWOL again, but work is taking up so much time and I have had to pack up all of my sewing stuff whilst the building work is going on. Only another 6 weeks and it should all be finished!

I found some pictures of things i made a few months ago to share with you

I have started a new sewing projest that is hand sewn due to the fact my machine is hidden away, so i will share that with you another time
MM xx