Monday, 22 February 2010

Drawer makeover, storage heaven and some recycled linen

I have had a lovely weekend, filled with forum friends, PVA, new wardrobes and getting my craft room back after packing it away in August.

First off the PVA was an essential ingredient in my makeover of this little set of drawers i picked up for £2 at the last barn sale i went to.  They were really practical for keeping some of my vintage threads.

And I liked the quilted plastic that they are covered with, but after a week or two I decided I could not live with the Fleur DE Ly's any longer.

So still in my Pj's on Sat morning I got the glue out and some lovely CK paper napkins, and this is the result.

I covered the back panel first and I am so glad I did as the motif still showed through the napkins, so out came the white paint and a quick undercoat did the trick.

Hubbie made me smile when he asked if I realised I had used different colored napkins - he thinks it would have looked better if I had not used 4 different ones - what do you think?

whilst i was getting stuck up with PVA my stepson was busy making me built in wardrobes in my craft room. the doors still need to be added but I was allowed to fill up the shelves!
With our extension I gained about 2 feet in length on this room and the sloping ceiling was removed - I also gained a new window to gaze out of.  It is so nice to have my sewing area back.
So today I started playing with some vintage linen, and made some drawstring bags
All lined with vintage fabric.  I made a lavender bag out of some lawn to fit into one of them as well

Did you notice the background fabric in the last picture?? - I bought this yesterday at a vintage clothes fair in London.  I think it is German, or French and I got over 4 meters of it, and it is defiantly my favorite fabric at the moment.
I had the chance to meet up with 2 very special people I met via the SCC this weekend and I am proud to be able to call them friends, they both inspire me in different ways and hold a special place in my heart.  Thank you ladies for all the fun, laughter and food :-)

Mitmot xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sunshine award

I have received a lovely award this week from Deborah at  - thank you so much, I think we all need some sunshine in the UK at the moment as we have had so much bad weather recently.

I am not very good at choosing blogs to pass these on to as I love all of the blogs I follow (over 100 at the last count!!) - so please feel free to grab this award if you would like it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

2 Finished Quilts :-)

Tonight I have completed 2 of my recent quilt projects - Hurray!

First is the hexy quilt, it took forever to hand sew it together, but I love the finished quilt.  Some of you may remember that when I started it it was as a sofa protector for the dog to use.  However I don't want to risk her using it now!

So I needed another quilt to use as a sofa cover - so I am pleased to present my first finished strip project :-)

I added a 3 inch red border and used some edge binding I bought via Ebay from America - it is not cut on the bias and was actually easier to hand sew on, and I think it gives a neater finish. It is backed with some CK needle cord.
Here it is on the sofa

And here it is with its new owner - I think she approves, as she is now curled up asleep on it!

Now I need to make another one for the other sofa, and hubbie has decided he wants one to snuggle up with....

Saturday, 30 January 2010

With a little help from my friends......

Over the last couple of weeks I have become addicted to stripping like many others in blogland at the moment.  It started when I joined in with the No Strings Attached Challenge hosted by Loft Creations.  I have almost finished my first quilt but got distracted when a special person who is getting married this year fell in love with it.  I decided to start one for her as the perfect wedding pressie. I worked out I would need over 160 squares and after raiding my own large stash I wanted a bit more variety so put out a call for help on the SSC - Did anyone fancy doing a 'strip swap'??
All of the lovely ladies below came up trumps to help me and little strip parcels were exchanged.

I added a few red strips along the way, but here are the special squares with the swapped strips
these 4 below are from Boysmum3, but somehow they lost the label when I took the photos!
I have labeled the squares on the back at the moment and need to think of a way to ensure the recipient knows who they are from

I had lots of extra strips so mixed them up with my own for the other blocks

I love the way that all the fabric is different but somehow it all works together.
So a big thank you to everyone on the SSC for sending the strips, I hope you have as much fun with your little swap parcels as I did with mine!

If anyone in blogland wants to join in with the strip swap just leave me a comment below.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Tea cup candles

I have been buying lots of pretty tea cups and saucers from charity shops for some time now in preparation of my darling step daughter getting married.  She has booked the date in September this year, so now I need to think about how to turn some of the pretty cups into candles.

Have any of you lovely bloggers done this before? - would love any hints or tips please.  Suggestions on buying the supplies online would also be great.  I have been told that Soy wax is the best to use as it does not get so hot, the last thing i want is a pretty cup cracking and leaking wax over the table!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Work In Progress

After working over most of Christmas I just managed to get 6 days off in a row. Unfortunately the snow meant that some of the planned activities could not take place, but that meant I did lots of sewing. My Mum has been staying with us since we had 18 inches of snow and lost power several times, so she has been knitting and I have been having patchwork fun!.

The hexey quilt top is almost finished - I ended up having to use cushioned plasters on my fingers as all that hand sewing made them really sore (wish I could use a thimble!)

Its a real mix of vintage finds, Cath samples, and stash fabric including some Laura Ashley fabric from when I was patchwork crazy in the 80's
Each patch has a memory attached to it, some from swap parcels, bits friends have given to me and even a couple of bits from old dresses when I was a child.

Just a few more bits to add at the edge and then it will get its backing, wadding and binding
I must be mad as this is going on the sofa for the DOG to sit on!!

Work in the extension has stopped whilst we are waiting for a bit of the bathroom to be delivered - its been over 3 months now since we ordered it - do not get any votes from me for customer service.
However I have been using the new bedroom as a sewing room extension and laying out curtains I am making. I had collected lots of lovely vintage floral fabric and old curtains but they were all too small for the new windows, so with a bit of Cath and some cream linen thrown in they have become patchwork curtains

Still a work in progress but you get the idea - this is just one half of a pair and each patch is 18 inches square

The landing connecting the extension is almost finished, just need to stain and wax the floorboards to match the rest.

And the on suite to the new master bedroom is usable but has no door on it!

Need to find a nice pair of mirrors to go over the vanity unit - wish I could find another one like this old French one I picked up years ago............

So if that was not enough works in progress i started another quilt yesterday. I have signed up to a lovely challenge called 'no strings attached' - if you want to join in click on the link on the right of my blog - it is open until the 15th Jan. a couple of ladies from the SCC have joined me on this so it will be fun to compare progress.
What fun I have had sorting through all my fabric and it is so lovely to use the scraps that have have never thrown out.

Colour wise I really have used a bit of everything, but to provide some unity I have included red on every patch

The blocks still need to be squared off, but I LOVE the way it is looking. It grows so fast compared to the hand sewn hexeys - I made 30 7 inch squares yesterday. They will get trimmed to 6 1/2 inches and once sewn will be 6 inch patches.

its a great mix of vintage and new again

Hope the snow is not causing you too many issues, it is starting to thaw here, although this brings its own problems as we have a split pipe on the family farm that is now gushing water, but at least the milk should be collected from the farm today, as my brother has had to throw it down the drain as we have not had it collected for 4 days. So sad that he works so hard on the farm and then has to throw away one of the main incomes - he is not even allowed to give it away!.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and the New Year brings you everything you dream of.

I wanted to share these images with you before Christmas but time ran away from me. They are from my mothers scrapbook created almost 80 years ago - enjoy xx

Let me know your favourite image xx