Monday, 22 February 2010

Drawer makeover, storage heaven and some recycled linen

I have had a lovely weekend, filled with forum friends, PVA, new wardrobes and getting my craft room back after packing it away in August.

First off the PVA was an essential ingredient in my makeover of this little set of drawers i picked up for £2 at the last barn sale i went to.  They were really practical for keeping some of my vintage threads.

And I liked the quilted plastic that they are covered with, but after a week or two I decided I could not live with the Fleur DE Ly's any longer.

So still in my Pj's on Sat morning I got the glue out and some lovely CK paper napkins, and this is the result.

I covered the back panel first and I am so glad I did as the motif still showed through the napkins, so out came the white paint and a quick undercoat did the trick.

Hubbie made me smile when he asked if I realised I had used different colored napkins - he thinks it would have looked better if I had not used 4 different ones - what do you think?

whilst i was getting stuck up with PVA my stepson was busy making me built in wardrobes in my craft room. the doors still need to be added but I was allowed to fill up the shelves!
With our extension I gained about 2 feet in length on this room and the sloping ceiling was removed - I also gained a new window to gaze out of.  It is so nice to have my sewing area back.
So today I started playing with some vintage linen, and made some drawstring bags
All lined with vintage fabric.  I made a lavender bag out of some lawn to fit into one of them as well

Did you notice the background fabric in the last picture?? - I bought this yesterday at a vintage clothes fair in London.  I think it is German, or French and I got over 4 meters of it, and it is defiantly my favorite fabric at the moment.
I had the chance to meet up with 2 very special people I met via the SCC this weekend and I am proud to be able to call them friends, they both inspire me in different ways and hold a special place in my heart.  Thank you ladies for all the fun, laughter and food :-)

Mitmot xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sunshine award

I have received a lovely award this week from Deborah at  - thank you so much, I think we all need some sunshine in the UK at the moment as we have had so much bad weather recently.

I am not very good at choosing blogs to pass these on to as I love all of the blogs I follow (over 100 at the last count!!) - so please feel free to grab this award if you would like it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

2 Finished Quilts :-)

Tonight I have completed 2 of my recent quilt projects - Hurray!

First is the hexy quilt, it took forever to hand sew it together, but I love the finished quilt.  Some of you may remember that when I started it it was as a sofa protector for the dog to use.  However I don't want to risk her using it now!

So I needed another quilt to use as a sofa cover - so I am pleased to present my first finished strip project :-)

I added a 3 inch red border and used some edge binding I bought via Ebay from America - it is not cut on the bias and was actually easier to hand sew on, and I think it gives a neater finish. It is backed with some CK needle cord.
Here it is on the sofa

And here it is with its new owner - I think she approves, as she is now curled up asleep on it!

Now I need to make another one for the other sofa, and hubbie has decided he wants one to snuggle up with....