Wednesday, 3 February 2010

2 Finished Quilts :-)

Tonight I have completed 2 of my recent quilt projects - Hurray!

First is the hexy quilt, it took forever to hand sew it together, but I love the finished quilt.  Some of you may remember that when I started it it was as a sofa protector for the dog to use.  However I don't want to risk her using it now!

So I needed another quilt to use as a sofa cover - so I am pleased to present my first finished strip project :-)

I added a 3 inch red border and used some edge binding I bought via Ebay from America - it is not cut on the bias and was actually easier to hand sew on, and I think it gives a neater finish. It is backed with some CK needle cord.
Here it is on the sofa

And here it is with its new owner - I think she approves, as she is now curled up asleep on it!

Now I need to make another one for the other sofa, and hubbie has decided he wants one to snuggle up with....


  1. Amazing quilts!! I love them both. Of course the top one is so very special as it's handstitched with love with wonderfully pretty fabrics. Well done on such great achievements.

  2. I love them too! Your sewing is fabulous!!

  3. Wow... and double wow... what a lucky dog indeed... I'd be comfy curled up on that too! lol

    I really must have a go at quilting...

    x Alex

  4. I love it. The binding is so pretty too. Fancy making me one!!!

  5. Wow what amazing quilts. I am very envious of your super duper skills. They are great and very insiring

  6. beautiful..both of them xx
    I may have to save the hexy pic as my background to remind me to get off the pooter and get stitching!!!

  7. Wowser, they are beautiful, clever Mitty and well done. You must be so proud, I adore them and in my opinion are priceless. Looks like someone definately approves ;)

    Happy making on your third :0)

    P.S. Your sofa's and cushions look adorable



  8. Love your hexagon. So fresh and pretty. Great string quilt for your gorgeous pup. Great finish.

  9. Both quilts are very beautiful, I love !
    Hugs from France.

  10. Both of them look gorgeous and the borders finish them beautifully.
    Yvonne x

  11. Beautiful quilt, I especially like the one on the back of the sofa.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  12. They are both beautiful Mitty and reflect your hard work that has gone into them. You are putting me to shame!

  13. Both quilts are fabulous. Your dog looks so beautiful laying on her own special quilt.

  14. You're amazing .... those quilts are beautiful... well done you!

  15. I love your work and your blog, so I have nominated you for an award:

  16. WOW, They are totally stunning. I can't believe you are letting that very beautiful dog lie on such a lovely quilt though. That is one very lucky doggie.
    Have a great weekend
    Rachael XX

  17. How gorgeous are those quilts and in my favourtie red colours! Lucky puppy - glad you changed your mind about the hex one! Happy Stripping

  18. WOW! I love thm both! I love hexy quilts, so relaxing!
    Especially love the colours!
    Have a lovely week!
    Rachel x

  19. Hi MitMot,
    I love your blog and your hexies and strings are both stunning!
    I love the red mixed in both!
    I really love Laura Ashley things too.
    Robyn xx

  20. Love your blog - is it possible to get the pattern or tutorial for your darling elephant in your banner? He is as cute as can be and my granddaughter (16 months) would love him to pieces.

  21. As soon as I figured out the Follower thing-y I came rushing back to subscribe! Your blog is pure eye-candy and both these quilts are just gorgeous! Really looking forward to getting to know you.
    Thanks again for the warm welcome to blogland!
    Valentina from Cyprus

  22. Wow... both your quilts are gorgeous!!! I have been working on a hexagon quilt (all by hand too) for the last 12 months and you have inspired me to get it out and finish it... It only needs another row or two and then I can back and bind it. Love your strip quilt too...aren't they sooooo much fun to make?

  23. Absolutely stunning. I am passing your blog onto my mother, she LOVES quilts! :)

  24. oooh the stripey quilt is gorgeous! Thats one lucky dog! Hehe - i've started my first little patchwork project (teeny tiny one with no sewing machine!) and its really quite fun :)
    Can't wait to keep up with your posting :)
    Sewgorgeous here from swap-bot. Following you too!! (Be my Blog Follower on Blogger 2)

  25. I found your link through the color swap, and just had to comment because I LoVe your quilts! Gorgeous colors and arrangement; makes me want to dash into my sewing room (actually a guest room that I have made a terrific mess in, haha) and get stitching! :)

  26. gorgeous! I can't wait until I can make quilts as nice! I'm still at the hand-piecing stage.

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