Saturday, 30 January 2010

With a little help from my friends......

Over the last couple of weeks I have become addicted to stripping like many others in blogland at the moment.  It started when I joined in with the No Strings Attached Challenge hosted by Loft Creations.  I have almost finished my first quilt but got distracted when a special person who is getting married this year fell in love with it.  I decided to start one for her as the perfect wedding pressie. I worked out I would need over 160 squares and after raiding my own large stash I wanted a bit more variety so put out a call for help on the SSC - Did anyone fancy doing a 'strip swap'??
All of the lovely ladies below came up trumps to help me and little strip parcels were exchanged.

I added a few red strips along the way, but here are the special squares with the swapped strips
these 4 below are from Boysmum3, but somehow they lost the label when I took the photos!
I have labeled the squares on the back at the moment and need to think of a way to ensure the recipient knows who they are from

I had lots of extra strips so mixed them up with my own for the other blocks

I love the way that all the fabric is different but somehow it all works together.
So a big thank you to everyone on the SSC for sending the strips, I hope you have as much fun with your little swap parcels as I did with mine!

If anyone in blogland wants to join in with the strip swap just leave me a comment below.


  1. Looks fabulous mary xxx
    I made some blocks yesterday and I am pleased with how well they have turned out..such a simple thing yet so effective..the cutting out is the hardest part!!!

  2. Looks amazing! Well done.

  3. That is lovley, I would love to contribute, please tell me what I need to do!!

  4. Looks yummylicious :)I have to say the fabric I, and all the other gals sent, looks lovely all together, Clever clever Mitty, what a special and heartwarming quilt it is going to be, I can't wait to see it all finished :0)

    Thank you so much for your adorable fabric too, so very kind of you it is beautiful and the beautiful friendship plaque, very special to me.

    Thanks for the DVD, we all feel like a larf this morning so shall pop it on, please do send my sincerest thanks to your BIL for doing it for me

    Love and Hugs


  5. Did look on SCC, but thought I was too late!!
    Would like to join in, and what do I need to do?
    A lovely idea, it looks gorgeous already, and is a friendship quilt, so means much more!!

    Sharon xx

  6. Oh Mitty they look great. Did you notice I sent you some strips of the fabric you sent me for the back of my 1st quilt!? Can't wait to see it all finished xx

  7. It is looking great. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  8. It's looking stunning already.
    You obviously have a good eye for putting colours together (if only *blush*)

    Can't wait to see it all finished.

    Love and blessings

  9. Hmm, I thought I posted my comment but it hasn't appeared so if this a duplicate then sorry. *blushes*

    I am SO envious of all you ladies who can sew. :-(
    Looks great!
    C xx

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog it's enabled me to find yours and it's beautiful!
    I'd love to join in with the strip swap, what do I need to do?

  11. It looks totally fabulous Mitts and I really love the red running through it...brings it all together....stunning work, lucky recipient xx

  12. I think I might give this a go... I don't really sew but I love the effect..

    x Alex

  13. Gorgeous! I keep seeing these lovely squares and really fancy a go :)

    mel x xx

  14. I attempting to visit each of the NO STRINGS ATTACHED participants.
    I've add a link to your blog on my sidebar.
    I love your blog. Joined your Followers.