Saturday, 3 October 2009

Made by me!

Sorry I have been AWOL again, but work is taking up so much time and I have had to pack up all of my sewing stuff whilst the building work is going on. Only another 6 weeks and it should all be finished!

I found some pictures of things i made a few months ago to share with you

I have started a new sewing projest that is hand sewn due to the fact my machine is hidden away, so i will share that with you another time
MM xx


  1. Helloooo , the building work is looking good ! Although Boo sometimes gets a little upset when we drive past in the mornings to school 'Oh, poor Whitehouse, is it poorly?' I tell it it's being made bigger, into a castle ... that does the trick :) x

  2. What gorgeous makes, love them all!
    Beki xxx

  3. 6 weeks with no sewing stuff oh mitty have a hug (((((x))))) !!!!!
    Great makes, love the tshirts very cute xxx

  4. those tees are sooo gorgeous - love them x

  5. Ohooo I love that half those pretties have come to me :) :) :) :)

    I adore your lovely makes Mitty you are so clever. The tees have washed well, thank you so much, they are their tees for best and are worn with pride :)

    Are you looking forward to the big debut lol


  6. Your makes are sooooo sooooo yummy. I love everything you do.
    Love from a big fan. ;-) xxx

  7. The T shirts are my fave....absolutely beautiful x

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