Saturday, 7 February 2009

Look what the postman delivered

Like most of us I love getting parcels, so was excited this morning to open one that was wrapped in lace and looked very Cath like. I thought it was my swap from the shabby chic forum so rushed for my camera before opening it any further

What a surprise I got when I opened the card and a cheque fell out, now as you regular swappies will appreciate it is not normal practice to send hard cash out with swaps! It took my little brain a few moments to compute that this was not my swap.

What it was in fact was a pressie from the lovely Lace Threads, now this was a total surprise as all I did was sell her a duvet cover, hence the cheque. She made me a fantastic fabric bucket, and I have had them on my 'to do' list for ages (OH did prance around the kitchen with it on his head saying the hat was to small for him!) and a cute bookmark that is already in use.

I had a smile on my face all day thinking of her kindness, well most of the day as I was quite frustrated for parts of it as I spent ages taking creative pictures of the bits i want to sell and then loading the stuff onto Folksy and etsy and setting up the shops. - (any feedback on the items, prices etc would be appreciated.)

So thank you Lace for making my day

M x


  1. What a sweet pressie!
    Good luck with Folksy and Etsy!
    Love Lou xxx

  2. nice present! you sell something but you get something too... what a great world we live in :)
    love the mitmot.
    %*_*% rosey

  3. The Lovely Lace sent me this email - i think you will agree with me that she makes fab things and should get them up for sale pronto!

    Hi! I tried to post the following on your blog, but I can't comment on your blog, as it doesn't show me the letters. Anyway, wanted you to know what I tried to say! You could post it from yourself, saying it was me, if you want - it's a shame I can't, but I have this problem on several blogs - it's a problem with my computer. Lace x

    I took a look at your Folksy yesterday, and it does look smashing in terms of photography. I'm longing to set up a Folksy when my things feel good enough, so lots of luck with it. I think pricing is tricky, but I think your things are fairly priced - you put a lot of hand sewing in, which is rather special today and takes time. Off to paint my son's bedroom wall now! From pink to blue. LOL. x

  4. That is all so lovely Mitty, isnt Lastic Special.

    Love reading through your blog and dont know how i missed this?
    But i have read it now so you can move on...:-)

    Love and hugs Honey X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  5. How kind of Lacey to send you something :) and wrapped up so lovely too!