Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tidy workroom!

I have recently claimed the small bedroom as my workroom and have been able to get boxes of 'stuff' out of the loft and unpacked. Once unpacked the room looked a mess so a trip to Ikea was required to get some more storage ideas. The chest of drawers is full of fabric and crafty bits.

I picked up the old kitchen cupboard at the weekend and it is perfect to keep my fabric and buttons in!
The wooden chests came from Mum's family and are full of fabric, and the cream boxes hold felt and completed items.

all of the red boxes have fabric in them, i i have even got them in colour order! The old tins contain buttons, again i have them in colour order.

old glass containers hold beads and felt scraps

the cake stand came from the local charity shop and holds all the tiny fabric scraps i can not bear to part with.

wire heart with cards and notes

And I still have room for the daybed, and it will still pull out to become a double bed if needed. It has huge drawers - perfect for hiding more fabric and felted jumpers......

I did manage to make these napkin rings yesterday, they are going to be part of a wedding present OH thinks they will need a note with them to explain what they are!
More ways to hide fabric and ribbons........

And finally the view from the window, how lucky am I :-)

MM xx


  1. What a terrific space. Lots of well used boxes etc. :)

  2. Looks fab mitmot, would love to have a good old rummage and play in there! I saw the same cake stand in my local charity shop but had to leave it behind as I have nowhere for it to go. Using yours for fabric scraps is a great idea xx

  3. so organised and I love those suitcases

  4. Very Lucky :)
    I have serious workroom envy - post wedding I must sort out mine....I'm looking for an old tallboy to stash my fabric in I have piles of stuff everywhere!!
    Love your new-old cupboard :)

  5. Flammin Nora, you have such a tidy room!!! mine is a minging mess, as i cant bear to part with anything........ and i mean anything... i have old Christmas cards up there, waiting to be dismembered, and teeny scraps of cloth that refuse to go in the bin........ whats a girl gunna do? i know i think i shall keep everything, just in case.
    I so need to come and rumage in your stash.... s'luverly..... :-)
    Love and hugs Honey. X x X x X x X

  6. MM - room looks divine and I am most impressed how beautiful you have managed to make all that effeciency :-)
    Oh and I think those napkin rings are quite self explanatory actually!!