Friday, 6 February 2009

Day one of Blogging for real, ummm not happy with the layout/ style of the blog at the moment but not sure how to change it, need to have a poke about the web to get some inspiration and how to's.

Today the Sew Hot Mitmot logo was born

When i was little Elephant was far to big a word for me to pronounce so for some reason i decided to call them mitmots, this has stuck and they are now forever know as mitmots.

I have been lucky to visit mitmots in India and South Africa. I had an amazing time staying at a mitmot orphanage in SA for a couple of days were the rooms are above the sleeping area for the elephants, it was amazing.

I also spent the day on a bareback elephant safari, it was such a special time being so close to these amazing creatures, words can not convey this fantastic life experience.

I am trying to get some crafty bits made so i can 'open' my online shops on etsy and folksy - I also need to spend time working out how to make the shops look nice, work out pricing and postage. Making stuff is just easier than working out computer stuff!

M x


  1. Sounds wonderful Mitty,
    I also love Ellefumps, they are so Majestic.
    Love and hugs Honey.X x X x X x X x X x X x X

    Oh and by the way Leah does the most beautiful Page wosits..
    There is a link on the bottom of my blog fingy, go have a look.:-)