Friday, 27 February 2009

Are 20 candlesticks too many for one bathroom?

One of my favourite rooms in the house is the bathroom. When we renovated the house we combined the toilet and bathroom and 'stole' some of the landing to make it large enough for the roll top bath I had always wanted and a seperate walk in shower.

My clever stepson was tasked with making the wood paneling and the little shelf above was always designed to hold tea lights.

Recently my Mum gave me 4 old candlesticks and I have since added to the collection from Charity shops.- - but are 20 candlesticks too many, or should i keep adding to the collection?


  1. I love your bathroom and no, you can never, ever have enough candlesticks!

  2. Nah, I think it looks wonderful! Make the most of it, I would love to have things like that around but my two little ones would destroy them instantly!

    Mel xxx

  3. More more more more more, they look beautiful and I love your bathroom it is gorgeous, your candlesticks look adorable, keep going my girl :)


  4. What Shbby Chick just said lol!!!
    You should definately keep adding - they look fabulous :)

  5. yes they're gorgeous MM keep adding they are a wonderful feature...makes a lovely change from tealights...they look very classy xx

  6. Oh keep adding to the candlesticks. they look wonderful Love your bathroom thank you for sharing