Saturday, 14 February 2009

Fabby Swap - its mine all mine!

Today the most ENORMOUS box arrived from the lovely cooltrikerchic her blog is here the swap was from the shabby chic cafe forum group. Cath Kidston was the theme and every item in the box is very CK

It was full of purple tissue with a handmade card nestled amongst it. Look at how lovely the handmade heart cushion is and the blue bear is so sweet and CTC has added a little flower on him.

More lovelies with scented pillows and a sweet little round tablecloth - the bear refused to move and wanted his picture taken again!

Here is another pic of the tablecloth and a fab tea towel.

The blue of the tea towel is just perfect in the kitchen as i have just painted a little shelf unit in the same colour, and it has what looks like a hand crocheted border - how clever is CTC!.

And there is more............ this is my favourite of all the bits, a wall hanger with lots of pockets in it, so useful and look how well it goes in my bedroom!
Smelly heart has already found its home on the newly painted shelf unit along with the one Little Gem made for me :-)

And the teddy has found his perfect spot in the sun - he needs a name so suggestions are welcome
I am such a lucky one to receive so many lovely things, and i know CTC was nervous about sending this out, bliddy silly if you ask me coz its all yummy, thanks you so much I would not change a thing.
M xx


  1. Gorgeous, how lucky you are Mitmot and well done CTC, very very pruuutty :)

    I am going for Bruce for the bear, or Brucy


  2. How gorgeous are they, you lucky thing.
    Well done Heather.

    Love and blessings

  3. What lovely things, the tea towel and the hanging storage particularly! I think Louis for the bear, not sure why though :)

    Mel xxx

  4. What gorgeous swap goodies. They look lovely, and so does your house, I'm loving your chair and bedroom wall paper. xxxx

  5. Well done CTC looks like they were made purposely for your home MM as they fit in a treat ;-)
    Ceekay the bear (CK)xxxxxxxxx

  6. Its all flipping minging, i am NOT Jellyous, NO i'm NOT......... well, not much, ok i am very Jellyous, WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Wonderfull things, Mitty, you lucky lady.:-)

    Kitten is so lovely isnt she, we all loves her so much.

    Lovely huggles to you Mitty. Mwah X x X x X x X

    Oh and i think you should call that blue thing ...erm ............... Bear.... or Blue .... or... fingy ....... or ..... Blue Bear Fingy..... whajafink... hummmm

  7. Wow, that Heather hides her light under a bushel doesn't she :)
    I love the wall hanging in your room - but that wallpaper - urgggggghhh!!! I can't stand it, I would never have that in my house lol!!! :) xxxx
    I find if you just call a bear - bear - then you can't get them mixed up xx

  8. Such a lovely swap and that organiser is such a good idea! CTC has used lovely fabrics too :) Glad you have found a little spot for the heart xx