Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fantastic Fabric

I had to go to Liverpool this week to attend a conference and took the opportunity to visit a couple of fabric shops. I got a bit carried away and ended up buying masses of fabric as the price was so good, but I have no idea what i am going to make with it!
Some of the designs i just got a metre of, and others I have 12 metres of!

So what would you make with all this fabric????????????

MM xx


  1. ooh I am drooling. You can't possibly part with any of it. You don't need to make anything - just think how lovely it looks just sitting in a pile :)

  2. If I were you, I wouldn't make anything with it. Just send it all in my direction! I don't like to think of you worrying what to do with it, you see. I'll sit by the door waiting. Those large and small print rose ones in particular are fabjulous. Lucky, lucky you. x

  3. Ooh MM the red floral one at the top of the first photo is the same fabric as the CK teatowel I got from Bicester - where on earth did you find such fab fabric?! Or did I miss that bit?? x

  4. Oh I forgot to answer the question at the end - I would make....a pretty bag with the big rose print, cushions, brooches with the star print, covered notebooks with the spotty and stripey ones, mmmm more bags - I love bags I do! Howzat?? :)
    P.S I'd be glad to help you use it up ;) xx Send it to me though - not Lacey! X

  5. OOOOOOOO so many *make* ideas spring to mind, but mostly sending it to me!!!!!!!

    I think you should share, sharing is a good thing to do ;)

    Love and blessings

  6. I would love a stash of fabric like that!!

    s xx

  7. I love the delicate blue floral one in the 2nd pic. Fab - well done on such a haul! There is no way I'll ever have such a stash, would have to build an extension!

  8. Look at all those polka dots! Alls all gorgeous! Oh my goodness, what are you going to do with it all, you could always start your own shop :) Ha ha. I would make myself a couple of shopping bags and a quilt.

  9. Not sure what I'd make, but love the fabric -- so bright and Happy. Speaking of happy, I've "happy tagged" you. Stop by my blog to find out more.

  10. Love the fabric, scrummy! Where abouts in Liverpool did you get it? I used to go up regularly on business, but never tracked down anywhere selling such gorgeous stuff! I found your blog via shabby raggy roses - love the parcel you sent her.