Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Barnett Lawson

I had to go to London last week to have a dentist check up on my recent oral surgery and decided I needed a treat, so I planned a first time visit to Barnett Lawson a trimmings shop that is tucked away in a basement just off Oxford street.

What a gem of a shop (Gok uses it!) the sales ladies were really friendly and although they cater for a lot of wholesale customers they were interested in what I was going to do with my treasures, and you can buy small quantities of some items.

They let me take lots of pictures to share with you all, so I hope you enjoy!.

If You get a chance to visit i definitely recommend it
MM xx


  1. Sounds like a real little treasure of a shop ... it's so hard to find anything like it round my way so most of my haberdashery buying is done via t'internet.

  2. I WOULD LOVE TO VISIT THERE!! It must be so easy to overspend. Those trimmings are to die for!

    Sharon xx

  3. looks a fab place to visit. I'm such a newbie when it comes to sewing that I have hardly any haberdashery stuff. Must sort that out! I need a starter pack I think as I'd have no idea what to buy and what to use it for.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw.

  4. That is delish Mitty!.*Drool*... *Slurp*
    When i die i want to be buried in a haberdashery shop... no honest i do. :-)
    Love and hugs honey. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Amazing! I had a terrible shock when my favourite fabric and trimmings shop grew a huge banner proclaiming 'liqudation totale' this week (which means 'everything must go', more or less). I was divided between panicking that it was going to close down, and thinking I had to rush in and buy the entire stock. In fact, it's just 'avant travaux', so they are just clearing out before some development work. Phew. The only drawback is that I've flown to Edinburgh for a week and I don't know how much of their clearance stock will be left by the time I get back...

    Thanks for your photos of this incredible shop!

  6. Ohooo my goodness how divine, I bet you didn't want to leave ;)

    Hope the teeth are feeling better, have you had veneers, can't wait to see your new smile :)


  7. Ah mitmot that is a lovely story about the ring, i bet it makes you smile everytime you look at it! Thankyou for entering the giveaway and GOOD LUCK!! XX

  8. OOOOO Just like a little piece of heaven........
    well not quite, but very close ;)

    Love and blessings

  9. Just like a sweetie shop, all those yummies ! Wish we had something like that around here. Hope your toothy pegs are OK.
    Oh & thanks so much for the congrats too.
    If you see someone lurking at your gate, I'll be filling the boot up with tommy plants. Must catch up soon ...
    Laurie x

  10. Sounds fab, my friend and I are planning a trip to London together in the next couple of weeks for this sort of thing so I think I'll have to add this shop to our list to visit!

    Victoria xx