Wednesday, 24 June 2009


The lovely Little Gem from Little Gems world has given me 2 awards this week. Gem also has a blog shop, so if you are looking for lots of pretties go check it out Roses and Gingham

What Lovely awards to have, and I get to pass them on to 6 other blogs, but as I tagged 6 other blogs in my last post I am going to give the awards all to one special person.

This HAS to be Angel, who has complained that I did not tag her in my last post!!
go visit her at Shabby Angel but be prepared to laugh a lot!

Love you lots Angel MWAH xxxx


  1. What!!!!!!! its all mine........ *Faint*.... WOW my flabber has never been so gasted..:-)

    Fank que...MITTY Mwah X ...... :-)

    Loads of love and hugs honey...

    See, groveling :-)

  2. Well done Angel :D
    and thankyou mitmot for the links :) your parcel should be with you soon by the way, posted on monday!! xx