Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Pay it forward - the results

I have been so norty in not posting about pay it forward until now.

I can give you lots of excuses, like; I started a new job; I have been travelling over 1000 miles a week in new job; I have spent lots of time trying to sort out the veg garden and control the weeds; we have had visitors most weekends; I could go on but in honesty - I forgot.

So I am really sorry BM3/Dolly Dollop I loved the things you made for me, and the purse even came on our London adventure with my camera in it - but I forgot to thank you then *insert embarrassed smiley*

How could I not love the little London bus with CK on it :-)

If you want to see what i sent out to my 3 play it out ladies i made variations on the items below. It was the first time I had made the button hearts and I tried a variety of different wire but none of it was strong enough to hold the heart shape so I had to thread some stronger wire in afterwards to strengthen it.

It was fun to send out something crafty to people and to receive something in return - if you have not had a go yet I would defiantly recommend it


MM xx


  1. Your button heart is adorable :) What a cute little purse DollyDollop sent you, I love that CK fabric, very cool.

    I hope your new role is going well and that you are not too tired.

    Mitmot, I would never refuse anything you may wish to send me ;) I am finding it very therapeutic to be honest, out with the old in with the new, and believe me I have a lot of new :)

    Your mums brooch is always admired, that reminds me I wrote a little card for your mum to say thank you, I have it but don't want to impose but would be delighted if I could send it, care of you:)

    Hope you like your kitcheny swap, nothing much handmade I am afraid, hopefully a couple of things to make you smile :)

    Love and Hugs


  2. I am loving the CK london fabric! the purse thingy was my first attempt with a tilda pattern - actually may make myself one for my camera!

  3. I love the things you sent me xxx

    Sam xx