Monday, 18 May 2009

Inspired by London - with more pictures added

One of the fantastic things about the SSC meet in London was spending the day with a group of people who like simular things and who are creative. We all shared ideas and gained inspiration from what we saw and each other.

In tribute to the day and my new friends I have created this 'dressed' mannequin.

She is covered with special ribbon and lace. some came from my recent trips to France, other bits from swaps on SSC, some was my Mums and Grandmothers. I have even used ribbon saved from special gifts - some fancy french macaroons when my Godson got married and from my CK duvet cover.
It was fun to do and I love the fact that each bit has a special memory - including some I bought on Saturday!

The ribbon is only pinned on so if I want to use some of it in the future I can replace it with something else.

The idea came from here

and some of the trimmings and bias binding came from here


MM xx


  1. That is so fabulous - I loved the mannequin we saw,and I'm inspired to do the same. I think it's a lovely idea. But I won't be doing it as quickly as you! Boy, you have a lot of energy! xxx

  2. Tis gorgeous, and so special, clever you Mitmot :)


  3. It looks fantastic! x
    I love it.
    I am still feeling all inspired and fired up to try all the things in my head..only managed one triangle of bunting so far though!!
    Although I have rummaged through A's wardrobe for shirts I can turn into summer tops. I doubt he'll notice!!!! x

  4. Great idea! It looks so good. Glad you had fun in London. Lizzie x

  5. That is beautiful! what a wonderful idea, so creative, I really love it! Lisax

  6. Mitty, you are so talented... Wow.
    Wish i could have met up with you all, still there is always next time.

    Love and hugs honey. Mwah X x X x X x X

  7. What a clever idea, it looks terrific.

  8. Thats lovely Mitmot. I love it!!
    Now Im off to find a mannequin and somewhere to put it.

  9. That is a great idea. I've been looking for a mannequin for a while, but the only ones I see at Vide Greniers are guys...

  10. It looks beautiful Mitty xxxx

  11. Oh, what a fabulous idea with the ribbons and bindings. They all look so beautiful. That must have been some trip you went on. Very jealous I am.

  12. I love those braids and trimmings. A very beautiful display.

  13. It's so gorgeous Mitty, you never fail to amaze me. I might even have a go at doing something with an old grotty blue dummy I have in the loft........ well maybe (it is very grotty)

    Love and blessings