Sunday, 17 May 2009

diddn't we have a lovely day, the day we went to London

Well I had a lovely day yesterday when a group of us who met via the Shabby Chic Cafe decided to be really brave and meet up in person.
Whilst the first few minutes several of us showed some nerves they were all forgotten quickly over coffee and hot chocolate.
We managed to talk, walk and shop from 10am to 7pm
Here are some highlights from the day.


  1. That must have been such fun! Another French blogger and I are hoping to meet up this summer, when we're in her neck of the woods...

  2. Wow what a fantastic day you all had, I'm green with envy, I could so do with day out like that. Great photos. Lisaxxx

  3. I am so sad that I couldn't make it! Hopefully there will be another time?

    It looks like you had a terrific time with some lovely ladies. :)

  4. It was fab wasn't it?? x
    Thanks again - I'm looking forward to next time :)

  5. Loving the photos but still wondering why Lacey has toothpaste all over her, and why no one gave her a babywipe LOL
    Love and blessings

  6. Just looked at Dolly Dollops blog on this day, what a lovely idea!! When's the next??!!
    Great pics, thanks for sharing them!! : )

    Sharon xx

  7. Lovely photos - wish I was there! Are most of those photos inside liberty?