Monday, 13 July 2009

Stripes and Spots swap

I received a fantastic swap from Kbarty recently - It was from the Shabby Chic Cafe and the theme was stripes and spots.

Now Kbarty is new to this swapping lark and I know she was nervous about her first swap, but she had absolutely nothing to worry about! - look at this lovely box all tied up with spotty ribbon. I was so happy to open it and find so many lovely crocheted goodies - I have tried to learn to crochet this year and have not managed to get past a chain, and both the dog and the husband are fed up with me swearing and launching wool and hook across the room in frustration!!

As well as all the crochet lovelies I got some scrummy Sarah Smith cloths, and the box itself was a mass of lovely stripes

look how clever this crochet heart is - spots one side

and stripes on the other :-)

This lovely spotty mug has already found a new home with some of my other blue china - it was full of stripey humbugs that lasted all of 10 minutes!

and the bunting was the PERFECT colour match to my china, and has pride of place on the dresser.

Look how well the post holder matches the cooker.....

I am delighted with all of my swap goodies, thank you so much Kbarty, you are very talented.

I sent of my parcel to Little Gem and she has blogged about it here Here are the handmade goddies I sent.

A felt wrist cuff - I am thinking of making a few of these for Folky/Esty, what do you think?

I recieved a lovely blog award from Shabby Raggy Roses, we are partners for the polka dot swap and it has been fun to do a swap to send to Australia.
Now I have recently tagged lots of you, so if you would like this award please consider it yours.


MM xx


  1. Stunning goodies you have there Mitty.
    I love the way everything matches, how cool is that!!!

    Love and blessings

  2. Those are lovely goodies! Lucky you :)

    Really like what you sent to Little Gem as well.

    Mel xxx

  3. How lovely, such wonderful handmade pretties!

    I spy an AGA......drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Have a fun evening!x

  4. thanks, you're very kind. I'm really pleased you like it all and glad it all matches quite well too!

    Love your pretties to LG too.