Saturday, 4 April 2009

weekly roundup

I have done absolutly nothing today, felt unwell but nothing specific.

I did however want to share some lovely old cards with you. I have recently been given my mums old scrapbook, some of the christmas images got scanned and used for cards at Christmas. so here are a few of the easter ones

I managed to get my Easter swaps in the post yesterday, so now i can start thinking about my own decorations.
Off to the monthly barn sale tomorrow and the car boot season kicks off tomorrow as well.
MM xx


  1. Beautiful little cards, thanks for posting them x Know what you mean about feeling a bit yuck!! I have had a busy, stressful few weeks. First my daughter got the keys to her house, so it was busy, busy, busy!! The week after, Callum & I had a horrible stomach bug! Then the clutch went on my car : (. As it's an old car, it was uneconomical to repair it, and a new car had to be found fast!!!!!
    Anyway, onwards and upwards! ; )


    Sharon xx

  2. Those cards are so pretty.
    I hope you're feeling much better for the busy day it sounds as if you have lined up tomorrow. Poor you. xxx

  3. Pretty vintage easter pics. My SIL and I did a bootsale today, didn't make a fortune but got rid of a few bits. May do another one next weekend. xxx

  4. The chicks in the boat are so sweet! What nice cards. We've been to the car boot today too and it's been a good start to the season :)

    Mel xxx

  5. What a wonderful swap I received, thank you Mitty *mwah*

    Love and blessings

    (photos are on SC and my blog)